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Welcome to the SchoolCORE Wiki-based home page. I will detail the current status of SchoolCORE along with SchoolCORE's future. I hope you like the features of SchoolCORE and I will be updating this site frequently.


  • We are going to be puting SchoolCORE into a ribbon UI using Elegant Ribbon
  • New SQL Database structure to come
  • Everything checks "okay" in Windows Vista!



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What is SchoolCORE?

SchoolCORE is a set of tools that help every aspect of the school lifecycle. These tools include Attendance, Grades, Projects, Homework Turn-in, Testing, and more.


Because SchoolCORE has many ideas, I have decided to spec out the features. If you would any other features added by filing a feture request.
Full Spec


SchoolCORE was created in May of 2005 as an example project for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. Development was pushed back due to lack of resources. Now, SchoolCORE currenly is under Alpha 2 build (Build Number 6011) and development is in full swing.

Future Development Process

The Beta 1 Build is due in March of 2007. Weekly milestones will be posted if deemed functional and stable. Source code WILL be available by clicking the "Source Code" tab.

Practical usage

I encurage you to install SchoolCORE, test, develop and report your feedback in this CodePlex environment. I would like to see a lot of community envolvment because of the nature of the project.

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